About & FAQ

We are a group of four friends who enjoy playing on the water together. We thought it would be fun to start a blog to share our experiences.


Q: Why svrover.com? Neither of your boats is named Rover.
A: We’re dreaming of one day buying a larger boat to do longer cruises, and we’ve named this ‘aspirational’ yacht Rover.

Q: What does the Sabre’s name, Le Saberage, mean? Is there any significance to shortening it to ‘Seb’?
A: Saberage is a technique for opening a bottle of champagne by cutting the top off with a sabre or sword. We thought it was a fun play on ‘Sabre’ and invoked a spirit of celebration. ‘Seb’ as the short name will be familiar to any fan of Formula 1 car racing. It’s the short name for ‘Sebastian’ and is used by competitors in referring to multiple world champion driver Sebastian Vettel. We are Formula 1 fans and dream about one day attending the Grand Prix of Monaco after a cross-Atlantic crossing on our own boat.


3 thoughts on “About & FAQ

  1. I am the new owner of a 1987 Sabre 42, and will be on a mooring in Port Jefferson. I really enjoyed your posts and would love to chat with you about Sabre 42 stuff- not a lot of these boats were built so not as much advice as I had with my previous Catalina on their forums. Please let me know the best way to set up a brief call. Thanks!

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