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This blog was originally set up to document a multi-year cruise we, a group of four friends, planned to take. The earlier posts document our experiences on a “test boat” we bought to learn to live aboard and to test how much we liked cruising. That boat, a 1989 Sabre 42, was sold, and we bought the “big boat,” a Hylas 54, in 2019. Over the next few seasons we cruised New England and the Caribbean before deciding not to continue on to Europe due to work commitments and other factors.


Q: What does the Sabre’s name, Le Saberage, mean? Is there any significance to shortening it to ‘Seb’?
A: Le Saberage is a technique for opening a bottle of champagne by cutting the top off with a sabre or sword. We thought it was a fun play on ‘Sabre’ and invoked a spirit of celebration. ‘Seb’ as the short name will be familiar to any fan of Formula 1 car racing. It’s the short name for ‘Sebastian’ and is used by competitors in referring to multiple world champion driver Sebastian Vettel. We are Formula 1 fans and dream about one day attending the Grand Prix of Monaco after a cross-Atlantic crossing on our own boat.

4 thoughts on “About & FAQ

  1. I am the new owner of a 1987 Sabre 42, and will be on a mooring in Port Jefferson. I really enjoyed your posts and would love to chat with you about Sabre 42 stuff- not a lot of these boats were built so not as much advice as I had with my previous Catalina on their forums. Please let me know the best way to set up a brief call. Thanks!

  2. Paula- Great to see you today and hear about the upcoming adventure. I will be watching your blog throughout and wishing you CALM SEAS and Fair winds 🙂

    God Speed to you all this summer as well as in November. You guys are my heros!!!! So excited for you.

    -Margaret Rose Evans

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