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Power Boat’n

By Rich

We are a group of sailors at our core, but we find plenty of opportunities to enjoy power boats, too.  We concluded our Nantucket Sound cruise week by taking a quick trip over to Dutch Harbor from Jamestown on our good friend Chris’ stunning Hinckley Talaria 44. On the sailboat, this trip takes up much of the day between coming, going, and cleaning up the boat after. On the power boat, it was a jaunt quick enough to allow us to enjoy The Shack’s fantastic tacos and still make afternoon flights home to Maryland.

IMG_7085 Continue reading Power Boat’n

Cruising Nantucket

IMG_6885By Rich

How is the experience of extended cruising impacted – for better and for worse – by the fact that the crew is comprised mostly of  sailors with a racing background? In the ‘better’ column must surely be that crew’s ability to keep the boat moving as quickly as it can under sail. That capability has two implications: (i) destinations are reached more quickly and (ii) more time is spent under sail because the crew need cave in and motor less often. Sailing is more fun and more rewarding than powering. Continue reading Cruising Nantucket

Cruising Woods Hole


By Rich

On July 4th we had a lovely close-hauled sail in 8 knots or so from Cuttyhunk to Woods Hole. We decided to indulge in a novelty: making our way through the tiny draw bridge to pick up a mooring in Eel Pond. Ferry traffic and currents made the approach to the bridge exciting, as did the extraordinarily narrow bridge passage (which drew numerous gawkers – some of whom may have been expecting [hoping?] to witness an incident as we crammed our 12’6″ beam through).  Continue reading Cruising Woods Hole

Nantucket Sound Cruise!


By Rich

The four of us are just back from a fantastic 10-day circumnavigation around Nantucket Sound. Rather than making our dear readers suffer through a slideshow of everything we thought looked pretty, I thought it would be more fun to publish one article summarizing our experience, then write brief blog entries for each port visited for those who are interested in particular destinations. Continue reading Nantucket Sound Cruise!