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Boat Shopping

By Rich

Lisa and I have been busy on our hunt for the perfect two-couple cruising boat, and have seen six boats. We really liked one we saw in Connecticut, but found ourselves disappointed when it didn’t work out. In the end it may work out for the best, however, since we’ve got our eye on another boat closer to home. Our fingers are crossed that this one finds a new home with us!

Newport Road Trip: Marina Hunting!


By Rich


This past weekend we loaded up the Suburban with 43 gallons of fuel, five bikes and three sailors (Rich, Lisa and Brian) for a trip up to Newport, Rhode Island. Our mission? To scout marinas for the cruising boat Rich and Lisa are planning to buy, and to stop off on the way to take a look at one candidate for the boat itself.


Other than appalling traffic through just about all of Route 95 in Connecticut, we had a smooth ride and enjoyed a wonderful dinner once we arrived in Newport. Our first Newport learning of the trip: the food is excellent, but every meal (even breakfast) seemed to be expensive.

After dinner we hit the bars. Our second learning of the trip: the summer nightlife in Newport is outstanding, but guys n’ gals in their 40s should consider themselves warned about the next day unless they can show some self control. Your esteemed author (Rich) learned a valuable lesson.

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