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Running To Hide From A Gale


By Rich

This weekend Lisa and I sailed around the southern end of Conanicut Island to take shelter in Dutch Harbor from Saturday night’s gale warning (the forecast was for gusts up to 35 knots from the east and a driving rain). We had a great sail to and from and enjoyed a blissfully calm anchorage Saturday evening. NOAA weather made good on its threats and the wind made quite a ruckus starting around 3 am but thankfully the island did an excellent job of sheltering us. We had a much better ‘ride’ on the mooring than we would have had on our seasonal mooring, which has little protection from strong easterly winds.

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Learnings, Tips & Tricks: The Internet Aboard


By Rich

Typically when we think of internet we think in terms of performance – ie, whether the internet slows down if too many people are actively online in the house, or whether it is just slow in general. Drawing a parallel between data and water, the concept of internet performance is how much ‘flow’ capacity we have through our data ‘hose’ providing internet. When using a cell phone provider for internet aboard a boat we have an additional concern: how much total data we download within a given month. Many cellular data plans for either dedicated wifi hot spots or tethering via a cell phone (in my case, Sprint offers only the latter via my iPhone) have caps on the total data downloaded within a month before punishing surcharges set in.

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Learnings, Tips & Tricks: Electrical Power Consumption

By Rich


Step 1: Make sure your House batteries haven’t gone bad. I’m only partially kidding. Coming off of an adult life spent almost entirely racing instead of cruising aboard sailboats, we knew we’d have a lot to learn about topics such as power consumption when living aboard.  Watching the pace at which our batteries drained during last year’s three-day weekends caused us to go into a spasm of power conservation modifications over the winter. Happily, this season we learned that the problem wasn’t excessive consumption on our part, it was worn-out batteries. That meant that we took a series of steps to cut our consumption that basically have us ready for the zombie apocalypse now that we have new batteries. One side note: the consumption figures sited below are for Rich living and working full time alone on the boat. Obviously consumption may rise when we are actively cruising with guests, but in those scenarios we will be running the motor more regularly so preservation of the battery charge becomes much less of a concern in general.

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Rainbows and Unicorns (On Video!)

SunsetBy Rich

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned that living aboard our Sabre 42 in Jamestown wasn’t “all rainbows and unicorns.” To be clear, I didn’t mean to imply that neither rainbow nor unicorn had made an appearance. In fact, they have on multiple occasions. Take the scene above, for example. I captured that sunset while enjoying a wonderful evening in Newport with friends.

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Living & Working Aboard: Early Reflections

sailing Photo Credit: Ned Jones

By Rich

I’m nearing the end of my third week living aboard Le Saberage as our Newport summer home (I flew home for a week after week #1 but have been aboard full time since June 7th) so I thought it was time to share some early reflections on sailboat-as-summer home living. Here are my major highlights so far: Continue reading Living & Working Aboard: Early Reflections