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How To Remove Old Hardware – Gracefully

By Rich

Few things can make a boat look older than patched holes on the deck where unwanted hardware used to be. Anyone who has raced on a 1980s era raceboat can attest to this commonly-encountered visual blight.

Our Sabre came with the “option” of pulpits around the dorade vents.


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Polishing A “Turd”

By Rich

While trying to defend his lousy workmanship on our cabin sole, our former contractor declared the floor and write off and said he “didn’t mean to insult us” but that he “couldn’t polish a turd.” The floor was so old and trashed, he said, that it wasn’t worth putting much effort into. Here’s how the floor looked after his half-assed attempt at varnishing it, complete with huge brush marks (yes, the varnish is dry here).

Version 2

Here’s how the “turd” came out after we fired him and did it ourselves. I’ll let our esteemed readers be the judge of how the ‘turd’ came out.


Adventures In Varnishing: The Cabin Sole


By Rich

Between age and the wear and tear we inflicted upon it after two winters of intense restoration work in the interior, our cabin sole was in need of a new coat of varnish this spring. We tried hiring a contractor to the work, but as we detailed in this post, that turned out to be a disaster. So we took the project on ourselves. Here is what we learned about the process. Continue reading Adventures In Varnishing: The Cabin Sole

How To Destroy The Boat Ownership Experience


By Rich

“Let’s get something straight right now, Rich: I don’t care if I ever do any more work for you. Do you understand? You are not a priority for me.”

Welcome, dear readers, to the third circle of Hell. It’s June 30, 2016, the Thursday before the July 4th weekend and our Sabre 42 still sits on land. I’m on the phone with our diesel guy. Between a lengthy, enduring project list and huge delays in getting Annapolis area yacht services companies to so much as reply to quote requests (let alone complete work) our late July launch date is in danger of slipping now, too. But with this call my week’s work trying to get help with the boat is about to sink to a new low. Continue reading How To Destroy The Boat Ownership Experience

We’re In The Blackest Hell With a Wacko Diesel Mechanic

By Rich

We’ve found the blackest circle of hell with a diesel mechanic who removed our starter motor June 2nd after many weeks of broken appointments. He promised to return the next week to install a replacement and never returned. Gentle prods via phone and text resulted in a tantrum during which he declared that we were ‘not a priority’ and that he had ‘more important customers.’ After we found a new diesel mechanic he sold us (for cash on the barrel head) the replacement started he ordered but refused to help put it in.

Now the new diesel mechanic finds it doesn’t fit and the former mechanic has refused to provide the new mechanic with either any guidance on what he removed or the old starter as a guide. So now we’ve resorted to trying to call Sabre and from there a Westerbeke dealer for advice but we’re stuck hauled out with no visibility on when we might be able to button this up and launch – and it’s mid July. No other work below can continue until the diesel mechanics are done.


OK, I Admit This One Was a Somewhat Frivolous Vanity Project


By Rich

Looking at the photo above, one wouldn’t immediately assume that I’m a guy hung up on vanity. I’m just as happy dusty and grubby in the shop as I am cleaned up n’tidy for dinner at the Club. But I do have one vain hangup: I hate it when boats are out of trim port-to-starboard.

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