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Yacht Review: Sea Sprite 34

By Rich

Those looking for a small family cruiser should take a hard look at the Sea Sprite 34.  Built in Rhode Island in the early 1980s, the Sea Sprite sports a full keel, generous interior space and an excellent cockpit for a boat of this size. Continue reading Yacht Review: Sea Sprite 34

Cruising Destinations In the Exumas

By Rich

Traveling east of Nassau toward the Exumas, one once again finds a vast expanse of open ocean with depths no greater than 15-20 feet. It makes for quite a sight to see the shadow of one’s boat skimming over the top of the sand for hours on end. Continue reading Cruising Destinations In the Exumas

Cruising Destinations: The Route to Nassau

By Rich

The road from Bimini to Nassau is best broken up into manageable chunks if one is to limit travel to daylight hours only. For our first passage east of Bimini, we chose this method. On subsequent return trips we felt we knew the waters well enough to travel overnight directly from Nassau all the way to Fort Lauderdale without stopping. Continue reading Cruising Destinations: The Route to Nassau

Cruising Destination: Bimini

By Rich

Those crossing from Florida to Bimini will want to choose a weather window to avoid northerly or northeast winds. The Gulf Stream runs from southwest to northeast in this part of the ocean, so southeast or southerly winds make for a much smoother ride. We only partially succeeded in scoring such a window when we crossed last December, which resulted in a bit of a lumpy motor sail at the start of our trip. Continue reading Cruising Destination: Bimini

Drivin’ South: Highlights Between Charleston, SC and Fort Lauderdale, FL

Editor’s note: the Drivin’ South category of blog posts details our trip from Annapolis, MD to Fort Lauderdale, FL along the Intracoastal Waterway. Because many of the themes covered in earlier Drivin’ South posts repeated during the second half of our trip, we’ve decided to create a single post to cover the journey from Charleston to Fort Lauderdale with the highlights and lowlights summarized.

By Rich

Highlight: Hidden Harbor Marina in Brunswick, Georgia.

Continue reading Drivin’ South: Highlights Between Charleston, SC and Fort Lauderdale, FL