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Pre Annapolis Delivery Check: The Fuel

By Rich

Since our new baby has not been sailed a ton lately I decided to fly down a week or two before our planned delivery from Charleston to Annapolis. The first thing I wanted to do was change the fuel filters and polish the fuel by running it through the Racors from one tank to another. So far I’m finding about what I expected to since the fuel is a year old!

(Below) Ummmm yeah time to replace:

As polishing has started I’ve quickly found growth stirred up in the Racor bowl and I’m endeavoring to flush it out. It was so bad it clogged the quarter inch drain bolt hole! Very glad we checked this before going out into the ocean…..

After 4-5 bowls of flushing it’s looking better:

Now the question is how many of these am I going to cook while polishing today!