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Our Sabre Sailboat Buyer’s Guide

Editor’s note: this guide applies to the first and second generation Sabre sailboats designed by Roger Hewson and sold from the company’s founding in the early 1970s through the early 1990s. The third generation of Sabres was designed by Jim Taylor and can be identified by their three number model name instead of a two number model name (for example the Sabre 362 is a third-generation Jim Taylor design, while the Sabre 36 is a second generation Roger Hewson design launched in the mid 1980s). Construction of the third generation boats differs slightly and so while many of these tips may apply, others may not. For example the Jim Taylor designed Sabres often had foam as opposed to balsa coring in their hulls.

By Rich

During our four years restoring Sabre 42 #57 we learned heaps about how the boats are built and what to look for when we shop for our next Sabre sailboat (which are very likely to do after our ‘long’ cruise on the bigger boat). As a result of our blog, we also met several other Sabre owners online and picked up additional tips and tricks as a result of their experiences. We thought it would be fun to write an article enumerating our Sabre-specific learnings. We will deliberately avoid covering very generalized brokerage boat buying tips beyond saying that the standard guidelines apply to Sabres as well as other brands. For example most of these Sabres have balsa cored hulls and decks, and so surveyors should be careful to check for wet or rotten core on Sabres just as they should for any other boats.

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Learnings, Tips & Tricks: The Internet Aboard


By Rich

Typically when we think of internet we think in terms of performance – ie, whether the internet slows down if too many people are actively online in the house, or whether it is just slow in general. Drawing a parallel between data and water, the concept of internet performance is how much ‘flow’ capacity we have through our data ‘hose’ providing internet. When using a cell phone provider for internet aboard a boat we have an additional concern: how much total data we download within a given month. Many cellular data plans for either dedicated wifi hot spots or tethering via a cell phone (in my case, Sprint offers only the latter via my iPhone) have caps on the total data downloaded within a month before punishing surcharges set in.

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Learnings, Tips & Tricks: Electrical Power Consumption

By Rich


Step 1: Make sure your House batteries haven’t gone bad. I’m only partially kidding. Coming off of an adult life spent almost entirely racing instead of cruising aboard sailboats, we knew we’d have a lot to learn about topics such as power consumption when living aboard.  Watching the pace at which our batteries drained during last year’s three-day weekends caused us to go into a spasm of power conservation modifications over the winter. Happily, this season we learned that the problem wasn’t excessive consumption on our part, it was worn-out batteries. That meant that we took a series of steps to cut our consumption that basically have us ready for the zombie apocalypse now that we have new batteries. One side note: the consumption figures sited below are for Rich living and working full time alone on the boat. Obviously consumption may rise when we are actively cruising with guests, but in those scenarios we will be running the motor more regularly so preservation of the battery charge becomes much less of a concern in general.

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