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Winter Sabre Projects #4

By Rich

As I’ve said before, yachting and [especially] yacht repair projects aren’t always glamorous. Today’s mission was to get his little gem out of the forward head and home to the shop so I can rebuild it.

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Winter Sabre Projects #3

By Rich

The aft head’s floorboards have now been sanded down enough to fit into their spaces with some room to swell without getting jammed into place. Next I need to varnish the sanded surfaces, and then this project can be called done.


I’ve made progress on repainting a second dorade vent too. This is how it started out:

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Winter Sabre Projects #2

By Rich

We’ve got a bunch of projects started and underway, but progress is already being hampered by harsher than normal temperatures for this time of the year. All indications are that we are facing a very ugly winter here in Maryland.

The aft head door has been test fit twice and with some additional sanding it can be touched up with varnish and fit back into place permanently.


In the interest of eliminating a musty smell from the forward air conditioning system, I’ve removed the air handling ducting and have replacements on order.


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Winter Sabre Projects #1

By Rich

Last fall we were looking forward to our January charter in the BVIs. This fall, with the cold about to steamroll us and the dark already here, I’m reminded that deferral of gratification is a hallmark of emotional intelligence. The last morning I woke up aboard Le Saberage some weeks ago, it took literally all of my self control not to turn right out of Lake Ogelton and start sailing for Florida instead of turning left for the boatyard. Alas, in my 40s I’m more mature than I was when I owned my first boat. Perhaps, with the Sabre in much better shape in the spring, I’ll see the virtue in my personal growth. But right now maturity feels like darkness, cold, and a huge To-Do list.

Still, there is progress and that’s good for morale. With Lisa’s help I got our new beast winterized – which is a much bigger accomplishment than it was with the J/29.

I’ve started some more substantive projects too. While winterizing the boat I elected to remove the water tanks to thoroughly clean them inside and out. During the removal I discovered that I am not pleased with the way they are secured against coming adrift and killing off-watch crew in the event of a severe knockdown, so I plan to reinforce part of the settee face before re installing them.



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