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Gearing Up With New Ground Tackle!

By Rich

We are gearing up up for our late June arrival in Maine to start the 2023 summer season aboard our new baby: Sabre 38 MKII #12, Blue Moon! First on my short list of gear to upgrade: her ground tackle! She came with a 35lb CQR anchor, 75 feet of chain, and 150′ of brand new rode. Not bad, but for ground tackle I won’t settle for less than the absolute best I can get! We LOVE to be at anchor and enjoy it all the more if we can feel snug and secure in big winds.

The majority of Sabres born during Blue Moon’s era were delivered with CQR anchors, so hers is likely original. Our Sabre 42 came with a 45lb CQR, so I have a lot of experience with this design. Today the CQR is considered something of an antique compared to more modern designs like the Rocna, although I think the armchair internet “experts” often exaggerate the differences in performance between various anchor designs. To hear the online pundits tell it, CQR users should run for a marina if the forecast exceeds 10 knots of wind, while Skip Novak is happy to ride out a gale with his:

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How The Sabre 38 MKII Became My Dream Boat And Why It Took Me Almost 30 Years To Buy One

By Rich

I finally bought a Sabre 38 MKII, the boat I decided was my ideal all the way back in 1994 while I was still in college. The story of how and why I chose the 38 MKII – and why haven’t owned one before now – begins over a decade before that, in the early 1980s, before the Sabre 38 MKII had even been designed.

When I was a small child, my parents bought our first family boat – a brand new Pearson 36 which was newly delivered in the early / mid 1970s. She was later traded in for a new Pearson 40 my parents had built in 1979. The 36 was a very nice sailing boat and very stylish, but not ruggedly constructed. The Pearson 40 was also marketed as a raceable cruiser, but my parents were sold on the promise of its expanded open-ocean capabilities. Unfortunately the blue water sales pitch exceeded the boat’s capabilities, as we discovered the hard way.

Our first family boat, a Pearson 36 named “Endeavor,” was bought new in the mid / early 1970s. For a family of 7, she was snug but in those years it was not unusual to stuff a lot of humans in a comparatively small boat. Today’s interior designs focus more on open living space than bunks and storage. I still love the look of this design.
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Sabre 38 Sea Trial In Maine … In November…In 38 Degrees!

By Rich

Tuesday I took a one-day dive bomb trip to Maine (traveling Monday and Wednesday to and from) to sea trial the Sabre 38 we have a contract on. We are waiting on the surveyor’s list of recommendations but generally the trial went well. I don’t want to jinx anything by revealing exactly which boat she is so I will just tease with some photos showing some of my favorite design elements of the boat until everything is finalized. Based on the way she handled during the test sail in only 4 knots of wind, I will say this: a deep draft Sabre 38 MKII will be my next boat either way – let’s see if it all works out and this one is my next true love!