Seb is Safe and Sound On Her Mooring!

By Rich

Lisa and I took delivery of Le Saberage today, and she spent the day on the docks at the yacht club while we toiled away at the office. As much as we wanted to take the day off, we had to remember that toys need to be paid for! As soon as the quitting bell rang we all yelled “YabbaDabbaDo!” and ran to the Club to fetch her.


Alas, no wind, so we motored instead of sailing to her new home in Lake Ogelton. The benign weather afforded us the opportunity to do some practice manovering to make sure we didn’t slam into anything the first time we docked her. Then the real test came when we stopped off at the docks to tie up for a quick hose down. Success! No broken timbers or fiberglass. Finally we tucked her in tightly for a night’s sleep on her new mooring.

The evening was way too short to be satisfying so tomorrow we plan to bolt straight to the boat for an evening cruise and some dinner aboard. We’ve got a lot of testing to do this Fall!



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