Our First Overnight Away On the Sabre


By Rich


  • The best onboard shower design (in the aft head) of any sailboat we’ve been on
  • The Sabre’s galley can be easily worked by two people at once
  • The V-Birth is super cozy
  • Two four hour stints logged on the diesel (the most suspect part of this boat by far) with perfectly reliability. Whew!
  • Some unexpected, alluring boat porn at St. Michaels. Somehow a couple of beautiful Swans made in between the giant McProductionGrade powerboats crewed by the overly-tanned and the chronically over-served ….


  • Our custom spliced West Marine snubber worked just as we’d hoped, as did Rich’s first attempts at tying a rolling hitch



  • Rich’s abominable attempts to cook pancakes on heirloom, non-non-stick marine frying pan handed down from family’s ’70s era Pearson 36


  • The cruising “spinnaker” that came with the boat. A photo is worth a thousand words. We’re still not sure what point of sail this was designed for, but as it (foreseeably) wouldn’t fill with a main flying, we tried killing the main altogether and realized exactly 0 knots of speed improvement over main alone. Sigh….


  • Feeble winds this weekend. We got in a combined 60 minutes of sailing  out of 8 hours of travel but that was reaching in 6ish knots of wind and then purely out of stubbornly refusing to log 100% motoring legs

Still the wins beat out the fails and we had a ball. Just a few knots more wind and it would have been a slam dunk. On to the next one!

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