Looking At The Water. Just. Looking.

Tonight I needed to stop by the Sabre to check on her and retrieve a couple of items I’d left on board Sunday. This is the scene I was met with.


The crazy thing about looking at the water from a boat – even just sitting right on your own mooring – is the crazy way the whole scene changes from moment to moment. Sunny, cloudy, wind, no wind, morning, evening, swinging gently so you face a different direction. The entire scenery changes. All of the colors change. The mood changes. It’s like living a totally different life. It’s no wonder so much of the time on boats is spent just staring stupidly out at the scenery.


It doesn’t hurt that sometimes you find a finger of great scotch had been forgotten onboard too and this happens….



…all without turning on a battery, an engine, or opening a hatch. Let alone uncovering or setting a sail. Magic. I don’t know how I will get on a plane to leave this boat after a weekend of cruising next year in Newport. Maybe I won’t be able to. Maybe I just need to declare that my summer 2015 office will be floating outside of Jamestown, RI.


1 thought on “Looking At The Water. Just. Looking.

  1. I have done that as well; all the details like not starting anything or uncovering the main, I know what you mean! You might be right, keeping her in RI might end up a bit far. Maybe staying on board for the season, or maybe you’ll end up having her there for just a few weeks instead!

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