One More Night

With our winter haul out scheduled for Friday morning, I spent one more night aboard Le Saberage this past Thursday. Lake Ogelton rewarded me with another breathtaking sunset while I removed our mooring pennant and reviewed the boat’s documentation for sling and block locations.


The night was cool but comfortable with a cozy wind blowing through the rig.  The morning greeted me with one last beautiful 2014 sunrise aboard.




It was a very bitter sweet motor over to Back Creek to top off diesel and then report to the yard for my haul out appointment. While we are sad to be ending our season, this Fall’s cruising met every one of our objectives. We learned to operate our new boat and exposed her to just about every operating condition one could imagine. A s a result we were able to assemble a comprehensive punch list for the winter that we believe should cover nearly all of the bases for our 2015 season in Newport. And we had some wonderful experiences in the process.

Next up: one long winter of boat work!



1 thought on “One More Night

  1. All in all a terrific first season! Looks really nice and clean, I suppose a new coat of bottom paint before launching, although in the pic it doesn’t seem to need it.

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