Rainbows and Unicorns (On Video!)

SunsetBy Rich

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned that living aboard our Sabre 42 in Jamestown wasn’t “all rainbows and unicorns.” To be clear, I didn’t mean to imply that neither rainbow nor unicorn had made an appearance. In fact, they have on multiple occasions. Take the scene above, for example. I captured that sunset while enjoying a wonderful evening in Newport with friends.

Or take today’s single-handed day sail as another example. I started out on a close reach under jib alone, then reached off after rounding Beavertail Point to head North again so I could get a look at Dutch Harbor for the first time. Once there I luxuriated in the opportunity to star in a living postcard.

IMG_6432 Dutch Harbor

After surveying the scenery I noticed ominous clouds forming on the horizon, so I turned tail for home and enjoyed a blissful one-tack beat back south around Beavertail Point before bearing away and close reaching home. Side note commentary to the video below: Roger Hewson you wonderful S-O-B. God how I love the way this boat sails to weather. She makes me want to keep going forever.

These glorious moments aboard recharge the batteries of the yacht owner so he can find the energy to attack that leaking porthole once back on the mooring. Which I did, by the way, just as the rains started to fall . After two and a half hours of infuriating contortions in the aft cabin, it has a new gasket.

And yes, it was worth it. And more.

Because…rainbows. And unicorns.


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