Cruising Hyannis

IMG_6790By Rich

Reciprocity with our own Annapolis Yacht Club ‘made’ our visit to Hyannis because we were able to spend the night at the fabulous Hyannis Yacht Club. 

Our Sunday started out with a departure carefully timed for compatibility with the world-famous Wood Hole currents. Here’s a navigational hint: time your departure or arrival to have these bad boys in your favor or you could find yourself parked at full throttle. It’s some crazy stuff, and definitely something to see.

IMG_6771After a little while under power, we enjoyed another heavenly light air reach combined with some periods running dead down with the jib poled out.

IMG_6777A thermal breeze built as we approached the south shore of the Cape so we doused the jib and ran under mainsail alone to maintain better maneuverability through the unfamiliar navigational approaches to Hyannis.


Once we’d cleared the hectic channel (well traveled by ferry and power boat traffic), we arrived in one of the most scenic mooring fields of our trip. Hyannis Yacht Club offers a beach and a superb, recently renovated club house. We luxuriated in showers and cocktails, then decided to take a walk to downtown Hyannis.

While most of the crew enjoyed seeing a new destination, Rich quickly found the area to be tourist trap and a significant let-down compared to the Yacht Club and its harbor. Eager to cut the downtown tour short, Rich whined, pouted and generally made himself unpopular. Happily, there wasn’t all that much to downtown (in more ways than one) so the group returned to the yacht club where Rich was once again happy and the rest of the crew were relieved to have peace and quiet returned for the remainder of the evening.

(But I mean really! What could any tourist district offer that would better the scenes below? Rich continues to beat the dead horse…)

IMG_6791 IMG_6799

4 thoughts on “Cruising Hyannis

  1. Can you please give details on your effective whining? My talents are lacking here and am usually met with a “shut up” by the first mate (she actually prefers being referred to as the “only mate”).

    1. I wish I could Glenn but my whining was most certainly ineffective. The tour of tourist hell (oops, there I go again) continued newly accompanied by lectures from the rest of the crew about how I should be opened to seeing new destinations, stop being elitist enough to want to hide out in the 1%’ers paradise that was the yacht club, etc etc etc. We went all the way down Main St (or whatever Hyannis’ equivalent was) before turning around and heading back. I’ll never get those 45 minutes back (…and again….)

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