Power Boat’n

By Rich

We are a group of sailors at our core, but we find plenty of opportunities to enjoy power boats, too.  We concluded our Nantucket Sound cruise week by taking a quick trip over to Dutch Harbor from Jamestown on our good friend Chris’ stunning Hinckley Talaria 44. On the sailboat, this trip takes up much of the day between coming, going, and cleaning up the boat after. On the power boat, it was a jaunt quick enough to allow us to enjoy The Shack’s fantastic tacos and still make afternoon flights home to Maryland.

IMG_7085 IMG_7089 IMG_7093 IMG_7104This weekend, I am back in Annapolis for a mid-summer visit after 46 consecutive days living aboard the sailboat in Newport (54 total for the season!) and we decided to take Game Day, Brian & Paula’s much-loved Little Harbor Express 36 for an evening cruise through downtown Annapolis, then for dinner and a night on the anchor in Whitehall Bay. The quick overnight cruise made for a thoroughly enjoyable weekend.

IMG_7385 IMG_7386 IMG_7387 IMG_7389 IMG_7392 IMG_7395 IMG_7398 IMG_7403 IMG_7423Sail and power both present trade-offs. Perhaps, resources permitting, it would be ideal to own both sail and power so one can choose which one to take based on the mood!

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