3 1/2 Hours Of After-Work Bliss

IMG_7780By Rich

Last Friday after work the conditions were perfect for a little after work single handling. There’s nothing quite like dropping the mooring on a whim, rolling out the jib, and banging around the Bay with the main still under it’s cover. Before I knew it over three hours had passed and I still couldn’t resist one more bounce across the eastern passage of the Narragansett.

Pure bliss.



2 thoughts on “3 1/2 Hours Of After-Work Bliss

  1. Hard to be conservative with language here! — — This brings back memories of taking (insert family member unnamed here) out from the Merrimack River on the Pearson and single hand dousing the main just offshore and sailing back on roller jib alone (engine running and ready of course) and completing the return to dock in all possible tide conditions. Oh my god. What times those were: that boat was better company than…. Well, let’s get back to that someday.

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