Annapolis To Fort Lauderdale!

By Rich


It’s that time of year – when a train of sailboats packs up and head south for the winter. For the first time after two years of dreaming about it, WE’RE GOING WITH THEM! More exciting still, I’m doing most of the trip south SINGLE HANDED!

In fact, the trip is already under way. I’m home for a quick break while Le Saberage catches a brief rest in Charleston, South Carolina. I fly back tomorrow to resume the trip. Today, however, I am have some time between loads of laundry to work the keyboard and get some blog posts out! The articles will be significantly time delayed since I haven’t had any time at all during the voyage to blog.

I’m going to headline the series of articles Drivin’ South and will endeavor to make each as media heavy and commentary light as possible. I’ll also focus as much of my content as possible on “lessons learned” about the passages and destinations to benefit others who plan to head south.


2 thoughts on “Annapolis To Fort Lauderdale!

  1. They love the bow wave on submarines. It was my favorite part of standing watch on the bridge when we were surfaced. They would surf the wave, jump up, and then dive under and circle around to do it again. So yes they are fast enough to run circles around a surfaced submarine

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