Our Downeast Florida Condo

By Rich

If my posts have been sparse over the last couple of months, it’s because we’ve only been using our beloved Sabre as a Florida condo this spring. To be fair, this has been exactly the plan for some time, and we’re having a ridiculously good time on our bi-monthly visits to her. Still it seems a bit unfair to her to only to have taken her on one intracoastal motoring trip and one brief daysail out in the ocean since we returned from the Bahamas at the end of January. She’s made for a very stylish and cozy floating condo, and we plan a trip to Miami in a couple of weeks which will mean leaving the dock – egad – for a third time!

Did I mention that we’ve been having a ridiculously good time with her while conceding the fact that we have done almost no sailing for two months?


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