Charleston Is Crazy Stupid Hot In July

By Rich

The last time I was in Charleston was my 2016 trip from Annapolis to Fort Lauderdale on the Sabre. During that visit I noted the very strong currents here, but since I was visiting in the fall I didn’t take particular note of the climate.

Now I’m here in July and …

… It.

… Is.


Much more humid than Fort Lauderdale in July  but without Lauderdale’s wind, palm trees, and pretty girls in bikinis on the beach. The locals tell me many people leave for July and August.

Working from the boat every day, I hide down below with all of the shades drawn like a hermit until my evening sunset walk. When the squalls don’t keep me hiding through the evening too, the sunsets are the biggest payoff for being here – they’re amazing every day. But man. It’s time to get north!


2 thoughts on “Charleston Is Crazy Stupid Hot In July

  1. Hopefully there is no yellow fever outbreak this year. Most locals leave to avoid that. Head to their houses outside of town…. oops wrong century on that one

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