More Sea Trialing

By Rich

One of our mandates for the fall before we head south to Lauderdale is to test the boat in any challenging conditions we can to find any leaks or other weaknesses. Last Saturday we had around 20 knots from the south, so Brian and I went out for some double handing. We found a leak or two and confirmed we need to tune the rig. Plus we had a blast!

Photo Credits: Wilbur Keyworth


4 thoughts on “More Sea Trialing

  1. Congrats on your purchase of this great boat. I saw your posting on the Hylas board. I spent a week on Gratitude in 2014, helping to crew on a delivery of her from St Thomas up to the Mega Dock in Charleston. This was my first real offshore passage and helped to confirm my intent to buy a Hylas for my cruising dream. We bought our Hylas 49, Avventura, a year later and have spent part of each year since in the Caribbean. Maybe we will meet at some point. Our blog for family and friends is

    Fair winds and following seas!

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