All These Years On The Chesapeake: We Have Been Spoiled

By Rich

We have been sailing on the Chesapeake for the last 26 years, but only in the last seven or so have we been broadening our horizons by sailing for considerable periods in other venues such as New England, Florida and the Caribbean. Those other venues give us direct access and exposure to the open ocean, which means much larger waves – especially when it’s windy. In all of the prior years on the Bay, I don’t think we fully appreciated the privilege of the Bay’s protected waters.

Yesterday we enjoyed a brief day sail while returning Rover to her temporary mooring after a buyer showing and test sail the day before. It was blowing in the upper teens, so we decided to putter across the Bay while eating lunch. We rolled out the staysail and just enough jib to get the boat moving.

If you have a cutter rig, try this setup in fresh breezes!

We decided we’d be happy to go 4-5 knots or so and just enjoy being out on the water. Instead Rover accelerated to 6.5 knots or so with essentially zero heel. We enjoyed a quick, fantastic sail in fresh breezes and essentially no sea state – an indulgence one can really only enjoy in protected waters. Returning to the Bay, we realize what a special venue it really is – even when compared to other far off, more exotic destinations!


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