Rover Sea Trial Tomorrow!

By Rich

Rover is back in the water this weekend for a sea trail tomorrow for a buyer candidate! Each evening this week I have been aboard while she has been on land on the jack stands, winterizing various system in advance of very cold weather expected later this coming week (some of these systems have been un-winterized for the sea trial. Ugh!). It’s been a great bonding experience to be aboard showing her love and care – just us two, bonding one-on-one. It really has been a privilege to serve as Chief Engineer on this special boat, and as much as I might have complained at times when we had more problems than were convenient, if I am honest deep down I really enjoyed the responsibility of taking care of Rover and her array of sophisticated systems. Just look at the images I snapped over the last two days – look at the sheer beauty and the artistry of this design. She represents a totally lost art in yacht design outside of just one or two models left in production that come anywhere near her standard of style and workmanship.

Saturday evening after testing and re-commissioning every system for the sea trial. Look at those lines. Ready for battle in any one of the Globe’s oceans.
Sunday morning. I could lie and say I had more work do to today to prep for Monday’s sea trial but….nah. I spent the entire day aboard just to bond with Rover and reflect on our history to date together. I read my grandfather’s diary from WWII for a literary project I am working on and napped while enjoyed the sound of today’s gale blowing through the rig. Look at the light hitting her teak varnished interior. I love my Sabres to the moon and back but the artwork of these Hylas yachts is peerless. It’s like living in a 3D painting.

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