Winter Sabre Projects #2

By Rich

We’ve got a bunch of projects started and underway, but progress is already being hampered by harsher than normal temperatures for this time of the year. All indications are that we are facing a very ugly winter here in Maryland.

The aft head door has been test fit twice and with some additional sanding it can be touched up with varnish and fit back into place permanently.


In the interest of eliminating a musty smell from the forward air conditioning system, I’ve removed the air handling ducting and have replacements on order.


I also got a start re bedding the portholes that are leaking, beginning with the middle one on the starboard side. I may experiment with attempting to re seal the next one by removing only the outside trim ring, because fully removing this porthole and re bedding it proved to be a huge job. (Note: the cracks in the gelcoat above the porthole are common to Sabres of this vintage and despite their alarming appearance they do not present a problem. Sabre used such thick gelcoat on these boats that it has problems thermal cycling without cracking, but the thickness also means water does not penetrate the laminate after the cracks form).

IMG_3741 IMG_3745 IMG_3748 IMG_3755

On weekdays I prefer to hide from the dark and cold by working on whatever I can in the shop, so tonight I got a start re paining one of the dorade vents. This one needs at least one more coat but already looks a heck of a lot better.

IMG_3765 IMG_3768 IMG_3771

I’ve also gotten the strainers in both shower sumps replaced, allowing the sump pumps to work much more effectively. So progress is being made, but I’d feel better if I’d brought more projects to a close by now. We have to keep moving forward if we are to meet our goal of having the Sabre in Newport when the Volvo Ocean Race arrives next May. If the winter turns out to be as ugly as the forecasts, we may find ourselves in a crunch come spring time.


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