Winter Sabre Projects #4

By Rich

As I’ve said before, yachting and [especially] yacht repair projects aren’t always glamorous. Today’s mission was to get his little gem out of the forward head and home to the shop so I can rebuild it.


Today I also got second (and final) coats of paint on the two dorade vents I’ve been working on. Once they’ve dried they will be ready to go back on the boat.

IMG_3804And rounding off the day, late in the afternoon I got a welcome Sunday delivery that will help my projects move forward.



3 thoughts on “Winter Sabre Projects #4

  1. god!! Those Dorades look stunning!! The similar on the pathetic Pearsons were like toys; oddly enough, they did work!

    1. The standard dorades on Sabres of this generation were plastic too; the metal ones were an option that really give the look of the boat a lift.

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