Taking The Slow Road


By Rich

Here’s a fun cruising idea we’ve really enjoyed a couple of times this year: choose a destination for the day that’s only a few miles from your departure, and then sail there even when the winds are light enough that you’re only going 3-5 knots through the water. After all, what’s the rush?

Saturday we slept in late and didn’t get underway until just after lunch time. We motored from Lake Ogelton into Annapolis to take in harbor-side views of the United States Sailboat show, then shut down the Westerbeke and made a turtle’s pace in light winds to Pirate’s Cove in the West River. The whole trip can be completed in under 10 miles, but we took in a wonderful afternoon chatting and catching up on college football scores while we watched the world go by with the auto pilot steering.


Our laziness was rewarded with the wonderful views of West River, and for only the third time this season we indulged in a slip. Our timing was good: the night was quite cold and were happy to avoid the dinghy ride coming to and from the restaurant.


With only the lightest of winds forecast for Sunday, we enjoyed a big breakfast at the slip before motoring home to Lake Ogelton with plenty of time left to take in the sailboat show. It all made for a fantastic weekend, which followed two weekends in a row of  weather rough or generally unpleasant enough that we hadn’t taken the boat out.


That’s not to say that she hasn’t been used, however. During the last couple of weeks I’ve luxuriated in a few days and nights working from the chart table and sleeping aboard, during which Lake Ogelton hasn’t disappointed in the sunset department.

IMG_8805 IMG_9304

So add the slow road and no road at all to the list of paths one can take to find bliss on the water.

3 thoughts on “Taking The Slow Road

  1. LOL, Did you notice and familiar boats at anchor there or crews in the pirates cove dinning room?? We had B school friends on board and west river is a favorite destination for us. Got there around 1400 ish. Had really good wind in the morning dying to nothing in the afternoon.

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