We’re In The Blackest Hell With a Wacko Diesel Mechanic

By Rich

We’ve found the blackest circle of hell with a diesel mechanic who removed our starter motor June 2nd after many weeks of broken appointments. He promised to return the next week to install a replacement and never returned. Gentle prods via phone and text resulted in a tantrum during which he declared that we were ‘not a priority’ and that he had ‘more important customers.’ After we found a new diesel mechanic he sold us (for cash on the barrel head) the replacement started he ordered but refused to help put it in.

Now the new diesel mechanic finds it doesn’t fit and the former mechanic has refused to provide the new mechanic with either any guidance on what he removed or the old starter as a guide. So now we’ve resorted to trying to call Sabre and from there a Westerbeke dealer for advice but we’re stuck hauled out with no visibility on when we might be able to button this up and launch – and it’s mid July. No other work below can continue until the diesel mechanics are done.


3 thoughts on “We’re In The Blackest Hell With a Wacko Diesel Mechanic

  1. This is truly unacceptable – I actually have to think this over more before writing my final comment!

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