Fort Lauderdale Made!


By Rich

After two years of dreaming our moment has arrived! On November 29 Le Saberage pulled into Fort Lauderdale and tied up!



img_7832 img_7838

We’ll continue to post articles with highlights for each leg of the trip, but we thought it only appropriate to post a quick note celebrating our arrival and outlining some of the more fun trip superlatives. Here they are:

Voyage Calendar Period: October 21, 2016 to November 29, 2016.

Voyage Duration: 40 days, less 8 day break for a trip home = 32 days

Passage Days: 24

Lay Days in Port: 8

Miles Covered: ~1,140

Average Miles / Day: 47.5

Days in Intracoastal Waterway: 15

Days in Open Ocean Or Bays: 9

Engine Hours Logged: ~163

Days Traveling Via: Motoring Only- 11; Sailing or Motorsailing – 13

Nights Spent On: Slip – 20; Anchor – 10; Mooring- 2

Miles Single Handed: 767 (including all ocean and open bay passages; ~2/3 of total)

Days Single Handed: 16 (2/3)

Miles Double Handed: 373

Days Double Handed: 8

Groundings: 0

Grounding Scares: HELL YES

Mechanical Problems Causing Passage Delays: 0

Mechanical / Technical Problems Needing Work Arounds: 3 or 4



1 thought on “Fort Lauderdale Made!

  1. What a truly brilliant trip! And welcome to my town! What? The weather you say?? You DON’T say! Enjoy your Bahamas Christmas; it will likely have even better weather!

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