Other Checks Before Delivering a New Boat

By Rich

Aka how to earn a Malibu Tonic with this view before dinner:

  • Change generator Racor filter and inspect Racor bowl for hateful contamination found in main engine Racor.
  • Main engine and generator run test to expel air from fuel systems. Learn generator will self bleed after a few stalls
  • Locate all seacocks. Can you reach them and do they open and close?
  • Are there through hull plugs aboard in case one fails?
  • Clean Sea water strainers for engine and generator
  • Test all electronics including navigation and VHF radio check (don’t do this on 16! Use free Tow Boat US)
  • Ensure AIS is receiving and set to transmit
  • Generator full load test for one hour: all three AC zones cranking!
  • Check sea strainers and Racors for leaks

Finally test ice maker for the first time!


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