Bilge Pump Tests!

By Rich

More pre delivery safety checks!

  • Dump fresh water into the bilge until bilge pump #1 comes on and voids the bilge. Check!
  • Pull fuse for pump #1 and dump water into bilge until pump #2 comes on. Check!
  • Disable pump #2 and dump bunch of water into the bilge. Test manual Whale pump by nav station. Does it work? Check!
  • Return fuse to pump #1 and manually trigger float switch for high water alarm. Does it sound? Check!
  • Use soapy water for all tests to get quickie bilge cleaning done. Check!


3 thoughts on “Bilge Pump Tests!

  1. Let me know when you are ready to rebuild your vacuum generators on the vacuflush system. We have rebuilt two now. You should carry spares on board to basically rebuild a vacuum generator and the “innards” of one toilet.

  2. Funny! An Apple store rep tried to sell me a “wireless flood warning” device after I mentioned an interest in boating…. To us, nothing more than a high water alarm that sends notice to our phones…. >.>

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