Day Sailing Around Fort Lauderdale

By Rich

There’s a dirty little secret about long-term cruising on sailboats “they” don’t want you to know. Other bloggers won’t let you in on the full skinny, but here on you’ll always get the real scoop.

Here it is:

It turns out that there isn’t as much sailing involved in the cruising lifestyle as one might think.

There. It’s out now.

During cruise passages, we often focus on keeping our speeds up as much as possible. As such, motor-sailing is more often than not the best one can hope for during extended cruises, with motor alone more common still.

Since Le Sabarage is generally staying put for the winter in Fort Lauderdale, we’ve been able to get in some sweet daysailing. Two weekends in a row we found ourselves enjoying moderate Westerly winds, which meant flat water and a chance to do some spinnaker work.

As always, we found ourselves in awe of how this boat performs on any point of sail. She tracks superbly under spinnaker and then proves a joy to sail pointing back home on a true beat with the centerboard all the way down.

The overwhelming odds are that the next boat we buy won’t sail nearly as well as Seb does, if for no other reason than so few boats do. So this winter we’re going to focus on getting in as much sailing time aboard her as we can before we hand her over to a new owner.

Over Thanksgiving, we also got in a quick overnight cruise to Lake Boca, our favorite intracoastal waterway anchorage in the area.

Good times!




5 thoughts on “Day Sailing Around Fort Lauderdale

  1. We have noted that without a good downwind sail we suffer in downwind 5-10kts. The Genoa starts to pull okay above 10 and in the 15 to 25kt range we do great. But lighter winds on a run or very broad reach and we are motoring.

    We took the dinghy up the FL ICW to check out our marina and to look at the tide boards on the Blue Heron Bridge at low tide (all good, 66 feet or so air draft). But what a mad house!! Little boats, mega yachts, medium boats, jet skies, almost all power going crazy out there. Oz is very different. NC ICW was very calm and serene compared to this. Although it makes for some very interesting cockpit dinning and watching. I mean how much base can you really get out of the speakers in a 16 foot fishing boat. A lot

  2. It’s wonderful to sail in place against the Gulf Stream and then have a pleasant beat back into harbor for cocktails!

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